of the owner of That's-Leif, Leif Jacobsen

I bought my first Austen Healey in 1967 even though I was not yet old enough to have a drivers' license. I took an apprenticeship in my father's workshop/garage. My father helped me renovate my Austin Healey.​

When it as completely renovated, I was still too young to drive it myself. So, when my older cousins came visiting, I forced them to take me for a ride in my own Austin Healey. Finally, I was old enough to get my drivers' license and to take my own Austin Healey for a spind! Along came the time to join the military and due to an overstretched economy, I had to sell my Austin-Healey. I tried other cars but my heart was still with the Austin-Healeys.

​After leaving the military, I bought myself into my father's workshop/garage in Pederstrup. In my spare time, I continued to experience on many different cars – putting others and or larger engines in them, and making all kinds of changes giving me a lot of experience in what was possible and certainly also what was not possible.

I grew older, married, got children and moved into a family house in Ryslinge. At that time, I worked at Hudevad Radiator Fabric, starting very early in the morning which gave me free time in the afternoon to work on cars at home. So, I decided to start the renovation of a classic car. The first was a MGB. But the interest for Austin Healey was still in my heart and I was offered a 100/6 in a very bad condition. Even worse in reality than from what I saw on the pictures. It took me about 1 year to restore it and the renovation was completed August 1993. The first trip went to the Nürburg Ring to see the old Timer Grand Prix – a long drive but it went very well.

An Austin Healey is specifically interesting because it is a classic car, beautiful and it can keep up to the highway speed. There are no limitations – you can drive anywhere. The wife and I drove the first Austin Healey for a couple of years in the summertime. I had taken a great interest and pleasure in renovating Austin Healey so I continued buying a new one in the autumn, renovating it during the wintertime and selling it when spring came. This went on for years. Meanwhile, I received more and more inquiries and questions regarding Austin Healeys as the word got around that I knew a lot. Our first Austin Healey was sold and I had built/restored a new very special one for ourselves. It had a special built/constructed engine and a transmission/gear box from the guru of Austin Healeys, Mr. Denis Welch from the UK. I went to the UK to tell them what I wanted and they fulfilled all my wishes. The car was fantastic! This reverberate throughout the world of classic cars and especially within the circles of the Austin Healeys.

In 1993 the Danish Austin Healey club for Jutland and Fynen was established and we have participated in many meetings, reunions and get together and every time somebody came to me for advice, questions etc.

​Eventually, someone said: 

Why don't you have your own workshop – for Austin Healeys only.

The idea grew on me. We found and bought the land. Our daughter helped making the sketches/drawings for the workshop and the family house. We started by building the workshop. It was a long and tough process but me wish for my own workshop carried us through. The house in Ryslinge was sold and we also build the family house next to the workshop. 

The workshop was inaugurate on the 8th August 2008. Family and friends came to celebrate the grand opening. But especially it meant a lot for me that so many Austin Healey fans came and everybody was​ pleased to experience that now I was available fulltime for Austin Healey. The time 2008 was not the best of time. However, I have been very lucky, the order book was full. New orders /works are still coming in and I have throughout the years sold many cars also. I am much known in the circles of Austin Healey and classic cars as the man who makes things happen, and there is always a solution to every wish or option – One of the specialists in Austin Healey in Denmark.

An example: a customer came to check out a car under the amount of DKK 200.000 and after having visited That’s-Leif 3-4 times and having taken different cars for a spin, ended up buying the most expense car I have ever sold.

The vision of That’s-Leif is to give the best of service, top quality and to have a passion for the details in the classic cars. Simply because I cannot help it and I am a perfectionist.

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